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7 Chakra + Lava Rock Bracelet

7 Chakra + Lava Rock Bracelet

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Root - Red Agate

  • During crystal healing therapy, red agate is commonly used to soothe digestive imbalances and remove blocks in the lymphatic system.


Sacral - Amber

  • Amber is thought to help absorb negative energy and to release bright, soothing energy, helping to calm nerves and enliven disposition like a mental sunny day.


Solar Plexus - Tigers Eye

  • Tiger's eye is a beneficial stone for confidence, taking action, and moving forward toward your goals. It can help you find the courage and motivation to step out of your comfort zone and into new situations and opportunities, helping you reach your fullest potential.


Heart Chakra - Green Emperor Stone

  • Emperor stone symbolizes tranquility and peace and is an excellent stone to wear when you need an extra boost of confidence to conquer your day.


Throat Chakra - Blue Howlite

  • Blue Howlite enhances communication, it strengthens self-protection and self-healing. Blue Howlite is said to assist with sleep and reduces insomnia. Blue Howlite Stones helps remember dreams and gives insight into the meaning behind the dream.


Third Eye - Lapis Lazuli

  • Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one's truth and inspires confidence. It bonds relationships, aiding in expression of feelings and emotions.


Crown Chakra - Amethyst

  • Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.


Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back".

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